Palletiser Control System

Mitsubishi FX PLC Support on Palletiser

We have recently provided Mitsubishi FX PLC Support for an existing palletiser control system that was used to palletise carpet tiles. The system used by a UK Manufacturer which contained a Mitsubishi FX PLC had become problematic. After initial troubleshooting and fault finding investigation it was discovered that the Mitsubishi E150 HMI unit itself had… Read more »

TR Electronic IV20 Pulse Distributor

TR Electronic IV20 Pulse Distribution

We recently supplied and installed a TR Electronic IV20 Distributor module which is used to distribute the signal from an incremental rotary encoder to 4 x ABB robots. The TR Electronic IV20 module was supplied as part of a control system on a UK canadian viagra installation which we installed. It allows differing voltage levels… Read more »

A look at a Laser Part Marking System used in the Automotive industry

Siemens S7-200 PLC Automotive Laser Marking System

We’ve recently completed a really interesting project for a laser marking system that will be used within the automotive industry. The system, which marks the correct part number and manufacturer information onto catalytic converters, uses a Siemens S7-200 PLC. We designed and commissioned all of the PLC software for the S7-200 PLC System and assisted… Read more »

Olympic Torch Relay Policeman Hi Five Boy

Lincoln to Nottingham Olympic Torch Relay

It’s not every day the Olympic Torch Relay passes through a nearby village but that’s what happened for us on Thursday morning. OK, so this post has nothing to do with Control Systems, Control Panels or PLC Programming but I thought that considering the occasion it was worthy of a mention. A truly carnival atmosphere… Read more »

Trapped Key Interlock System

Installation of Allen Bradley Guardmaster Prosafe Trapped Key Interlocks

An Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Prosafe Trapped Key Interlock system has been supplied by Acquire Control as part of a recent Controls System that we designed, supplied and installed for an ABB Robot Spray Paint Line. The system allows safe entry into the ABB Robot Spray Booths for operator and maintenance personnel to carry out commissioning, maintenance… Read more »

Several Railway Track Survey Engineers Working by a Railway platform

Automated Railway Survey Maintenance Machine

We’ve designed, manufactured and fully commissioned a portable PLC Controls System for use on an exciting new product – an Automated Railway Survey Maintenance Machine. XYEAZY, a new start-up company approached us with an idea for ‘automating’ what is currently a very manual, time consuming and somewhat unreliable task. After further discussions, where we demonstrated… Read more »

Hydro Electric Dam Wall Photograph

Hydro Electric Generator Control System

We have completed a project in the Scottish Highlands for a Hydro Electric Generator Control System. The end requirement was to replace an old, manually operated system with a more reliable, and automated one. The Hydro scheme was located at Beannachran Dam Power Station near Inverness, Scotland. The Hydro Electric Generator Control System project was… Read more »