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Automated Railway Survey Maintenance Machine

Several Railway Track Survey Engineers Working by a Railway platform

We’ve designed, manufactured and fully commissioned a portable PLC Controls System for use on an exciting new product – an Automated Railway Survey Maintenance Machine. XYEAZY, a new start-up company approached us with an idea for ‘automating’ what is currently a very manual, time consuming and somewhat unreliable task. After further discussions, where we demonstrated… Read more »

Mitsubishi PLC Help Vibratory Feeder Control System

Vibratory Feeder Control System

Again we’ve helped out a large food manufacturer specialising in the cakes and dessert industry. This time they required Mitsubishi PLC help with a Vibratory Feeder System for dispensing cake toppings on a newly installed conveyor line.   The location of the Control Panel was quite unusual and we worked closely with the customer to… Read more »

Pneumatic Flipper Mitsubishi PLC Control System

Pneumatic Flipper Conveyor Control System

A large food manufacturer specialising in the cakes and dessert industry needed our help with a Mitsubishi PLC Control System for a spot of Pneumatic Flipper Conveyor Control, and we were more than happy to help out. The Mitsubishi PLC Control System had to correctly control cakes in the production line prior to them being… Read more »