Monthly Archives: October 2012

Telemecanique Ositrack RFID Tag System Installation

Telemecanique Ositrack RFID Tag XGHB320345

Here’s a few images showing a Schneider Telemecanique Ositrack RFID system which we recently supplied and installed for a customer. The system uses the Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol to communicate with a Proface AGP375 HMI. The Proface HMI allows you to specify multiple drivers within the HMI software which allowed us to use the same… Read more »

Mitsubishi FX PLC Support on Palletiser

Palletiser Control System

We have recently provided Mitsubishi FX PLC Support for an existing palletiser control system that was used to palletise carpet tiles. The system used by a UK Manufacturer which contained a Mitsubishi FX PLC had become problematic. After initial troubleshooting and fault finding investigation it was discovered that the Mitsubishi E150 HMI unit itself had… Read more »

TR Electronic IV20 Pulse Distribution

TR Electronic IV20 Pulse Distributor

We recently supplied and installed a TR Electronic IV20 Distributor module which is used to distribute the signal from an incremental rotary encoder to 4 x ABB robots. The TR Electronic IV20 module was supplied as part of a control system on a UK canadian viagra installation which we installed. It allows differing voltage levels… Read more »