Mitsubishi FX PLC Support on Palletiser

Palletiser Control System

We have recently provided Mitsubishi FX PLC Support for an existing palletiser control system that was used to palletise carpet tiles. The system used by a UK Manufacturer which contained a Mitsubishi FX PLC had become problematic. After initial troubleshooting and fault finding investigation it was discovered that the Mitsubishi E150 HMI unit itself had become faulty. We offered advice on sourcing a replacement like for like unit and also the necessary software so that the palletiser system could run as before.

Once again our experience in Mitsubishi Control Systems helped save the day, allowing the manufacture of carpet tiles to resume in a speedy manner!

Do you have a troublesome control system? Please let us know as we’re always happy to offer some friendly advice and can even discuss with you the benefits of upgrading your existing controls system to a more modern and reliable one. This can not only save you precious down time but can also give you the tools to combat any problems when they do occur, such as through enhanced alarm diagnostics and process data logging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need any Mitsubishi FX PLC Support.

mitsubishi beijer e15o hmi
mitsubish fx1n-60mr controls system

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