Lincoln to Nottingham Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay Policeman Hi Five Boy

It’s not every day the Olympic Torch Relay passes through a nearby village but that’s what happened for us on Thursday morning. OK, so this post has nothing to do with Control Systems, Control Panels or PLC Programming but I thought that considering the occasion it was worthy of a mention.

A truly carnival atmosphere was enjoyed by all in the village of Kirton, Newark, Nottinghamshire who’s population was a mere 273 according to a 2001 census, so it was a proud moment for all. The sponsors, organizers, police and spectators all had a truly great time, with one Police Motorcyclist high fiving as many as he could along the way, a true bobby’s job if ever I’d seen one! Even the weather was nice to everyone for a change and it was great to see so many British flags being waved so passionately.

the fox at kirton newark nottinghamshire olympic torch
policeman high five motorbike
samsung truck on the olympic torch relay
lloyds tsb sponsor olympic torch kirton notts

It was day 41 of the Olympic Torch Relay (Lincoln to Nottingham) and just before 10am the moment we’d all been waiting for finally arrived. The torch bearer, who we enthusiastically cheered for, was Zach Radford, an 18 year old from Nottingham whom over the last few years has supported his Mum to be able to run a Cub pack despite her disabilities after an accident at work left her with mobility problems. Zach helps out at home when she is ill after Cub pack meetings and never fails to assist her with the support she needs.

zach radford nottingham olympic torch relay
zach radford kirton olympic torchbearer nottinghamshire

It was a pleasure to cheer Zach on and I genuinely believe that this is what the Olympics are truly all about, the little guy, the previously unknowns, each with a story to tell who finally, and proudly, get their moment to shine. This is true for the vast majority of the torchbearers such as Zach as well as many of the athletes around the world preparing for London 2012 this year.

Good luck to each and every one of them!

The relay route for Day 41 (28th June 2012) of the Olympic Torch Relay for the London 2012 Olympic Games was as follows:

East Markham
Boughton & Ollerton
National Water Sports Centre
West Bridgford

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