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Mitsubishi PLC Help Vibratory Feeder Control System

Vibratory Feeder Control System

Again we’ve helped out a large food manufacturer specialising in the cakes and dessert industry. This time they required Mitsubishi PLC help with a Vibratory Feeder System for dispensing cake toppings on a newly installed conveyor line.   The location of the Control Panel was quite unusual and we worked closely with the customer to… Read more »

Telemecanique Twido ASCII PLC Data Communication

Telemecanique Twido PLC Programmer

We have recently provided PLCs, Control Panels and the PLC Programming Software necessary to complete a Telemecanique Twido ASCII PLC Data Communication application as required by a customer based in the West Midlands. The selected PLC was a Telemecanique Twido, which enabled an ASCII text string to be sent to the customers resident data monitoring… Read more »

Allen Bradley PLC Modifications for Robotic Spray Booth

We’ve provided Allen Bradley PLC Modifications to an automated robotic spray paint booth production line at a manufacturer in the North West of England.   The system that sprays parts for the automotive industry required several changes following the introduction of a new part type. As with all spray paint applications it’s vital that the… Read more »

Crouzet Millenium 3 Controller Software Design

A company that supplies Concrete Pump Vehicles to the UK and Ireland sought help from Acquire Control for their Crouzet Millenium 3 Logic Controllers, requiring us to provide them with Crouzet Millenium 3 Controller Software Design.   The Crouzet Millenium Controllers (located in the front of the concrete pump delivery vehicle) were used to start/stop… Read more »

Allen Bradley PLC Engineer helps Vibratory Feed System

We happily provided an Allen Bradley PLC Engineer to help out in the Frozen Food industry after process modifications were required on an existing line that measured and packaged peas, carrots and other items of frozen food.   The customer had installed a brand new Vibro (Vibratory) Feeder into the system to expand the lines… Read more »

Automation Direct PLC Ozone Cleaning Machine Control System

A company based in the South East of England had a requirement for an Ozone Cleaning Machine Control System and approached Acquire Control for initial advice and to discuss a possible solution.     Following on from the initial meeting Acquire Control successfully tendered for a complete PLC Control System to satisfy the requirements of… Read more »

Schneider Zelio Smart Relay Environmental Monitoring

An environmental monitoring company, based in the home counties of England required help with a Schneider Zelio Smart Relay and used our experience to quickly get a new environmental monitoring machine up and running. The machine, which provides air sampling on a timer adjustable basis, was completed using a Schneider Zelio Smart Relay.   Following… Read more »