Allen Bradley PLC Modifications for Robotic Spray Booth

We’ve provided Allen Bradley PLC Modifications to an automated robotic spray paint booth production line at a manufacturer in the North West of England.
The system that sprays parts for the automotive industry required several changes following the introduction of a new part type. As with all spray paint applications it’s vital that the correct amount of time is spent on each of the processes that the part goes through before it’s complete.

The changes were carried out on an Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC and PanelView 600 HMI allowing new recipes to be created, expanding the plants existing production capacity and ability to fulfill orders.
The Allen Bradley PLC Modifications made for a great end result – the ability to reliably spray a new part type and fulfill those all important customer orders, leading to a very happy customer.
The company has recently expanded its production operation and we’re pleased to have played a significant role in helping them achieve this. If you’re looking for any help modifying Allen Bradley PLC code or any other types of PLC then please get in touch – we’d love to help and offer some friendly advice on your Control Systems project.

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