Automation Direct PLC Ozone Cleaning Machine Control System

A company based in the South East of England had a requirement for an Ozone Cleaning Machine Control System and approached Acquire Control for initial advice and to discuss a possible solution.

Following on from the initial meeting Acquire Control successfully tendered for a complete PLC Control System to satisfy the requirements of the Ozone Cleaning Machine which was due to be used in hotels and other public buildings to ‘neutralise’ rooms of odours, allowing them to be re-booked more promptly, increasing efficiency.
Acquire Control provided all the necessary electrical design as well as a complete PLC Controls System, including all PLC and HMI Software design, to allow for a speedy and successful completion to the customers specification.
The Control System consisted of an Automation Direct PLC and HMI which we often find are an ideal and inexpensive PLC for machine builders due to their low price point.
Once again Acquire Control were keenly scrutinised on price and our ability to work with the customer to supply the necessary Automation Direct PLC Control System within budget has enabled the company to successfully market the Ozone Cleaning Machine competitively to its prospective clients.
Please contact us if you need any help specifying a low cost PLC, our experience and understanding of the market wide options which are available puts you in a great position to fully benefit your proposed project.

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