Water Bottling Filling Line with Mitsubishi FX PLC Software

A newly installed bottling line at a Welsh Spring Water producer needed our assistance, and we duly obliged. The bottling line had been removed and refurbished from an existing installation and the customer needed help in getting the various processes back up and running again using Mitsubishi FX PLC Software.
The system contained various Mitsubishi PLCs including the FX2N-64 M with additional expansion I/O and a Mitsubishi newly fitted FX3U PLC. Following lengthy scrutiny of the existing PLC code (and despite a lack of commented software!) we we’re able to make the necessary Mitsubishi FX PLC Software modifications as required in order to get the automated bottle filler, capper and labeller up and running within a very short space of time.
It was great watching an entire bottling plant up and running and in full production thanks’ to a big hand from Acquire Control – and the water tasted good!
Please let us know if you need any help, assistance or just some friendly advice on any Mitsubishi FX PLC Software that you need designing. We’ve bags of experience in this area and will happily help you with your next controls project if required. Thanks for taking the time to drop by our site.

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