Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC Engineer CIP Dosing

We’ve provided an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC Engineer to help with the software design of a Chemical Dosing system that’s bound for Turkey to start its new life in a food processing plant. The system that doses the correct amount of chemicals for the various cleaning procedures (CIP) that are in place was completed using an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC.
It was a relatively straightforward application for our Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC Engineer although it had to be completed in just a handful of days to meet the tight deadline imposed by the end customer. We were delighted to have designed and fully commissioned the Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC Software as required and within the set time frame, as well as providing thorough operator training on the philosophy and working functionality of the control system. Another project successfully completed!
Please feel free to contact us anytime if you require an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC Engineer to assit you with your project. We’re always happy to help wherever possible and will gladly provide some friendly advice regardless of your project. Thansk for taking the time to drop by this site, we hope you have found it useful!

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