Weigh Check System using Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD ASCII Control

Bilanciai D430

We’ve recently helped out with a weigh check system used in the food industry to ensure the weight of produce is correct. The system uses industrial weighing scales by Bilanciai being a Bilanciai D430 type connected to a Mitsubishi FX1S-20MR-DS PLC with a Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD communication board.

Upon a successful weight check (received via a PLC digital input from the Bilanciai D430 weighing scales) the PLC then allows the heat seal of the products packaging and sends an ASCII string back to the Bilanciai D430 weighing scales in acknowledgement.

Acquire Control provided PLC Software assistance on this quick project, ensuring that the Mitsubishi FX1N-232-BD ASCII PLC to Bilanciai D430 communications were up and running in no time at all, allowing the customer to arrange site install and a speedy system handover.

This is not the first ASCII data project that we have completed. We’ve also supplied Control Panels, PLC Hardware and the necessary PLC Software to send ASCII string data from Telemecanique Twido PLCs as part of a building services power supply data monitoring project.

If you have any ASCII communications requirements and need a hand with either PLC software or PLC hardware including control panels or have any other special communication requirements using a PLC then please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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