Telemecanique XY2-CH Emergency Stop Safety System

Telemecanique XY2-CH Grab Wire Safety System

We’ve recently installed a Telemecanique XY2-CH Emergency Stop Grab Wire (Trip Wire) Switch System. This was used as part of a larger PLC Control System that we designed, supplied and installed for a customer who works within the automotive parts industry. The PLC Control System is responsible for controlling the conveyor line which transfers the automotive parts through 3 x Robot Spray Paint Booths and ensures they are spray painted the correct colour as required. Multiple part types are possible and the operators load and unload these automotive parts in a designated area of the conveyor line. Following a safety review it was deemed that these load and unload areas of the conveyor system required additional Emergency Stop protection and it was decided that a Grab Wire or Trip Wire Switch System would be up to the task.

a photo of a telemecanique schneider  XY2CH13270
a picture of a schneider grab wire safety system
picture of schneider XY2CZ301-and-XY2CZ7021

The components we used in the Grab Wire Safety System included the following items:

Telemecanique XY2CH13270 Grab Wire Booted Push Button by Schneider Electric
Telemecanique XY2CZ702 End Spring for XY2-CE by Schneider Electric
Telemecanique XY2CZ301 10m Cable for XY2-CH by Schneider Electric

The XY2CH13270 was electrically connected to the Emercency Stop Safety Circuit which was located within our Main Controls Panel and included:

Pilz PNOZ S3 Safety Relays x 2
Pilz PNOZ S11 Safety Relay x 2

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