PLC Control Panel Shipping & Transportation pre Covid-19

A Courier loading a PLC Control Panel ready for shipping

Here’s a quick look back at a PLC Control Panel we shipped to a customer before the arrival of Covid-19. However we continue to design, manufacture and ship panels as required during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although it seems a world away now, certainly before face coverings, masks, frantic hand sanitising and the social distancing we’ve all become accustomed too! – we wanted to update our YouTube channel with this footage showing the initial tie down of a panel with our courier prior to shipping and transportation to an end user within the UK.

We ship a wide range of PLC Control Panels, including wall mountable or floor standing options as shown here. This panel is a floor standing, double bay configuration. We also ship single bay, multiple bay and interconnected panels as required. We typically include the design, test and commissioning of PLC and HMI Software with any panel we supply. Following the delivery of this panel we completed panel installation and full PLC and HMI system commissioning in line with the customers project specification.

The panel contained a Mitsubishi FX Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and associated IO modules as well as a panel mounted Beijer iX T10A Human Machine Interface (HMI). Also included were multiple variable frequency drives (VFD), inverters from 5kW to 45kW from ABB and Control Techniques, all necessary circuit protection and earth connections, incoming supply disconnect, terminals, trunking, din rail and all other control panel related items.

An image of a Flow Loop Control Panel A Courier loading a PLC Control Panel ready for shipping

Our PLC Control Panels are designed and built in house and are bespoke to the application and requirements. If you need any further advice or are looking for a quotation for a specific controls panel then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We design, manufacture and supply panels to machine builders and end users alike, and are always happy to help others wherever possible!

Further information on the PLC Control Panels we supply can be found here.
Thanks for reading this post; you can also visit our YouTube channel here.

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