Controlled Emission Toilets Schneider PLC Programming


We’ve recently provided Schneider PLC Programming assistance to a supplier of Controlled Emission Toilets (CET’s) Systems used in the Rail Industry. We helped out their Control Engineers with Schneider PLC and HMI Software design and on-site system commissioning during a recent installation.

The PLCs which we designed software for included a Schneider M340 PLC and multiple Schnedier Twido PLCs connected via Ethernet. Modbus communications also allowed a ‘subnet’ of Twido PLCs to be connected to one another.

A floor standing Controls Panel was located within the main plant control room (which contained the M340 PLC) and allowed operator control and monitoring of the CET Control System via a Schneider Megelis Touch Screen HMI Operator Interface.

Controlled Emission Toilets (CET’s) Systems allow for the safe, reliable and hygienic removal of the contents from the toilets retention tanks on train carriages. There are several key parts to the CET System including duty / standby pumps, in-line macerator (to greatly increase operating reliability) and a retracting hose reel located on each operator apron module, allowing ease of use of the CET System.

Below you’ll see some pictures of the system which we provided the Schneider PLC Programming support.

Photo of Controlled Emission Toilets System Module
Picture of CET System PLC Programming
Photo of CET Controlled Emission Toilets SystemsPicture of Vogelsang Macerator Pump
Photo of Vogelsang Inline Macerator

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