Automation IoT and why you should embrace it!

An Automation IoT System for a HMI using an iPhone and iPad

Automation IoT is here to stay and offers huge advantages to companies who embrace it. IoT or Internet of Things is no longer just a fancy buzzword being banded about by the uber cool startups of Silicon Valley, but a fundamental revolution that’s taking place all around us. In essence it’s about connecting technology and empowering us with even more information and control – which has to be a good thing, right? Automation IoT (or IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things) allows companies greater information and control of their production process and automated machinery. From relatively simple applications like SMS ‘Text Message’ Alarms when problems arise, right through to complex data logging and remote statistical analysis, suddenly everything is possible through Automation IoT. Another big advantage of the technology that’s available today is the price point at which it’s possible to fully embrace an Automation IoT solution. An Automation IoT solution on an iPad Large Manufacturers right through to small family run producers are all able to reap the rewards and benefits that Automation IoT offers, including minimising Automation downtime, increasing productivity and reliability, and ultimately helping the business to prosper and grow. The technology that’s available to help with this new found growth in Automation IoT can be found right across the Automation product range, and nowadays at increasingly competitive prices. Manufacturers such as Proface and EXOR (Human Machine Interfaces), Panasonic (PLCs and Webservers) and Seneca (GSM/GPRS Dataloggers) have realised the importance of Automation IoT and each provide some great hardware solutions to help customers right across industry. We’ve been fortunate enough to help several customers with Automation IoT, and continue to receive an increasing number of requests for Automation IoT based solutions. A Panasonic FPWEB FP-Web2 Webserver module A Seneca Z-GPRS2 Datalogger One thing for certain is that ignorance of IoT is no longer an option for anyone serious about their automated machinery and production processes. The good news is that for those who truly embrace the technology and invest intelligently in Automation IoT, the ROI (return on investment) could be realised in just months rather than years, which you have to say isn’t bad for what was once just a fancy buzzword!

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